2016 Already?!

I’ve been a bad business website owner! I’m sorry. I have a good excuse!… I got married!  OK, not the BEST excuse, but  I promise to be better this season!

With that I have a few…OK, a lot of updates!

  1. I finally got my gallery section up and working again, so stay tuned for some new pieces!
  2. I have teamed up with my sister to create a “side project!”  Introducing…. 2 JERSEY GIRLZ! With this amazing partnership we can do some bigger shows and travel a bit more so keep your fingers crossed for us that we can get accepted into some huge shows, like Three Rivers in PA and The Neptune Festival in VA!  I’ll keep you posted… I PROMISE! 🙂
  3. First show THIS WEEKEND! The Gift of Light Show in Columbus, OH! It’s a dry run for the start of the new season. I have a whole new look and setup!  This isn’t the final but the first run, I decided on black walls instead of white, etc. 2016 Booth First Run
  4. The real kick off of show season is May. I’ll be updating the Show Calendar when acceptance or declines 🙁 come it.

That’s about all I got for now! Stay Tuned!!!!