Back to NYC

I can’t believe it’s almost Labor Day already!! Where has this summer gone?   Oh yeah, to my studio, cause that’s about all I’ve seen this summer! Show season has been so good to me! I’m so very thankful! This year I’ve meet so many great people and fellow artists! People praising my work means so much to me. It makes the nights in the studio till 1am worth it.  That’s been this week. Up till 1am working then off to the full time big girl job! LOL! Coffee is my friend! 🙂

I’m so excited for a few days off from the big girl job and going HOME to NYC for 6 days!! Granted I’ll still be working Saturday, Sunday and Monday but that’s at the Washington Square Park art show in Manhattan!   I’ll be on University Place between 11th and 10th Ave.  Come visit me!

NYC here I come!