Erin 2011If you’re wondering about the “ELM” in my name, it’s not just a tree, it’s my initials, Erin Lynn McAleer.  Being Celtic I’ve always loved the tree of life, thus my logo. 🙂  I also thought it fitting to have my own name in my company since I put so much of myself into each piece I create.

I’m originally from Northern NJ and I graduated from The Fashion institute of Technology with a degree in Jewelry Design.I spent many years on the east coast and living in NYC. The past few years I’ve been in Columbus, OH to be closer to my Mom.

I’ve always been a tomboy, softball player and always seem to have my hands dirty no matter what I get into. It was my freshmen year of high school when I realized all jewelry out there is so “girlie.” I’m not a fluffy, sparkle, gaudy kinda girl! So I decided I will start my own line of jewelry for the “Non-girlie girls” out there! I love being able to make affordable pieces that every woman & MAN can wear.

In Fall 2010, I introduced the Steampunk line. I use authentic, antique watch parts, vintage pieces and other Renaissance-inspired materials to create many one of a kind designs. My inspiration is pulled directly from my personal life in that I am fascinated by the unconventional subcultures.  I’m sure a few bottles of wine and shots of whiskey have had a nice amount of influence in my creative process as well! 🙂 I am an Irish girl after all! SLAINTE!


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