Welcome to ELM Jewelry Designs!

I’ve always been a tomboy, softball player and always seem to have my hands dirty no matter what I get into. It was my freshmen year of high school when I realized all jewelry out there is so “girlie.” I’m not a fluffy, sparkle, gaudy kinda girl! So I decided I will start my own line of jewelry for the “Non-girlie girls” out there!
I graduated from The Fashion institute of Technology with a degree in Jewelry Design. This formal training gave me the fundamental skills in a variety of design work (soldering, working with an acetylene torch, wax carving, technical drawing, filing, sawing, and metal work), so I decided to create unique, affordable pieces that every woman could wear.

In Fall 2010, I introduced the Steampunk line. I use authentic, antique watch parts and dictionary pages as well as other Renaissance-inspired and period materials to craft intricate, custom-made designs. My inspiration is pulled directly from my personal life in that I am fascinated by unconventional knickknacks and subcultures. Through my jewelry I have found a balance in living my alternative lifestyle while maintaining a business professional appearance.