Show Acceptances starting to come in!

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This is always the most stressful time of the year as an artist doing the “show circuit.”  Applying to shows! So many shows and so many different rules and what not.  Then the nerve racking wait of if you get in or not! No one likes to get those “Thanks but no thanks” letters.

So far I got 2 rejections. 🙁  One a total surprise!  After 3 years doing the Delaware Arts Festival in May I was rejected this year. That was very upsetting, I’ve always really enjoyed that show.  Then The Crosby Festival in Toledo, but that’s a very hard one to get into, so I can accept that one.

On the GOOD news side, I got accepted to a few really good ones so far. The most exciting is the Olde Worthington Arts Festival, June 15th and 16th! I was rejected last year, so I’m very excited about this one.

There is also the North Market Artisans Sundays! I will be there the first Sundays of the month. I will also be doing the Westerville 4th Fridays! Only certain ones (other show conflicts), so you can find me there April 26th, July 26th and August 23rd!

All the dates of my shows can be found in my Calendar of Shows! I will add more as I get confirmations on acceptances or rejections, so keep an eye out for that!

With that, I’m off like a dirty shirt! Back to filling out applications!