About the Woman Behind ELM Jewelry Designs

Who is this Crazy Redheaded Steampunk chick? What does ELM stand for other then a tree?! Speaking of which, what's with the tree anyway?

Well, let me tell you. My name is Erin Buscetta, but I was Erin Lynn McAleer, before I married my Prince Charming in 2015. ELM are (were) my initials. I always put part of me into every piece I do, so I figured I'd put a bit of me into my company name. 

The tree, as you can guess from my maiden name, I'm Irish! I've always loved the Celtic tree of life and of course my initials are also a tree. I liked the idea of combining the love of my heritage and my love of steampunk into one logo representing myself and my work. 

My background: I grew up in northern NJ and spent a lot time in New York City. I went to college at the wonderful Fashion Institute of Technology in midtown Manhattan, and graduated with a degree in Jewelry Design. After many years of living in NYC (Queens) I moved to Columbus, OH to be closer to my mother.

I have been doing art and jewelry most of my life, but started doing local art shows in 2011. I moved from basics to centering on steampunk in 2013. Being in art school, in NYC, in the 90's I was very much a "Goth" as they would label me, so it was an easy transition from vampires to steampunk! 

What I enjoy the most is finding vintage pieces and bringing new life into them. Taking apart a broken watch and finding the great treasures inside makes me smile. "Oh, is it a 7 jewel, is it a 12 jewel.. or the elusive 21 jewel?!" Then there is the, "Agh! Another plastic one! NEXT!"  


New for 2018, I'm trying to do more for the "I love steampunk, but I don't wear a lot of jewelry!" My goal this season is to do more shadow boxes, wall hangings, frames and treasure boxes, so I really can have a bit of something for everyone. 


On a personal note, I'm also a big animal lover! We currently have a Great Dane and a Pit Bull mix, Ghost & Buster (yes, that was by design). These boys are our world and our furry children!  I'm involved with a few rescues, mainly "Speak! for the Unspoken" we work mainly with dogs with disabilities, blind, deaf or both. Our Ghost is blind and deaf, and Buster is deaf, so it's a cause dear to me. If you ever want to chat dogs, I'm your woman, but you might never shut me up!