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Welcome to the new ELM website

Here I am, trying to make my own website! Please bare with me, like I say with my photos, jewelry is my forte, not so much behind a camera or a computer screen! I'm hoping to get the shop up and running soon so you can purchase items right from here. I'm being ambitious, I know! Erin, how about you get your About Me and other basics up first, like your show schedule! Yeah, yeah, I'm getting there. I did mange to spend the first weeks of 2018 organizing the disaster of a room I call a studio. It was bad, trust me! Now that one thing is checked off my list, let's keep this motivation going. A look into the mess....

BEFORE: 1/2/2018

ELM Studios - Before (January 2, 2018)

AFTER: 1/13/2018

ELM Studio - After (January 13, 2018

I may have gone a little crazy with the label maker, but at least I can find everything... I hope!

Happy 2018! Stay tuned for more ramblings from the Crazy Redheaded Steampunker!